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5 Reasons CNC Machining Have Changed Modern Manufacturing

Like any other industries, modern manufacturing industry has grown and adapt in modern times. This progress can be contributed to CNC machines in giving the improvements that benefits many other industries. 

CNC machines have come a long way. First introduced in the 1940s and 50s, with “punched tape” technology that served as a storage medium for CNC machine tools. These systems were augmented with analog and digital computers, and served as a base for the modern CNC machine tools that we know of today.
Today, CNC machines have their process interprets your 3D CAD model and translates the data to CNC machines. Manufactures will program the computer with precise instructions for the products that they want to make, and then the machines will manufacture the products. CNC devices 
So, how have CNC machines impacted modern manufacturing?
#1. Prototyping
Prototypes are often costly and complex. A vital stage in a product’s creation process, prototyping is a way to prepare a new product or material for mass production. CNC machining has revolutionized prototyping, by digitizing the process. With the system computer-enabled, it’s easy to input small adjustments until you have the perfect designs. The need for large quantities of production prior to more advanced manufacturing stage is also eliminated.
#2. Reduced Human Efforts
CNC Machines have allowed us a more hands-off approach. Parts can be completed on one machine in one set-up with very little human intervention. With the machines can be run continuously (with the maintenance time being the exception), this allows for a more refined, less hazardous result. Human error has greatly decreased with the use of this high-tech equipment.
#3. Increased Accuracy
With these machines being handled by computer controls the chances of non-conforming parts being produced has been greatly reduced. Gone are the days when each part was physically manipulated in a lathe or a manual mill in hopes of achieving repeatability.
#4. Speed Up the Production Process. 
CNC devices combine multiple steps in the modern manufacturing process, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to finish production.
#5. Highly Adaptable
CNC machines are exceptionally accommodating, in the aspects that we can work with a diverse range of metals and otplastics in a fast, efficient and precise way.


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