We are leaders in distributing wide range of CNC Turning Center, CNC
Machining Center (3-4-5 Axes), CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Vertical
Lathe CNC Machines, etc.  Our commitment is to supply advanced technology of

industrial machine in ensuring supreme satisfaction of our customers stepping into the new era of Industry 4.0.

All Products
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Manual Surface Grinder
Profile Grinder
Balancing Machine
Hydraulic Plastic Injection Machine
DRO System
Compact Multitasking Machines
Die Sinker EDM
Super Multitasking Machine with ATC
Precision Center CNC 5-Axis
Digital Gauge
Wirecut EDM
Dual-Use Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Semi Auto Surface Grinder
Jig Grinder Mill
Balancing Machine
Digital Gauge System
Mass Centre Measuring Machine
Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine
CNC Jigborer
Exchange Platform Dual-Use Metal Cutting Machine
Column Moving Surface Grinding
Mill Tool Grinder
Electric Plastic Injection Machine
Glass Processing Machine
Micro Center
Laser Scale
Drilling EDM
Waterjet Cutting Machine
Protective Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Dynamic Cutting Head
Double Column Grinder
Multi Grind Tool
Balancing Machine Digital Control
Hybrid Plastic Injection Machine
Rotary & Linear Laser Scale System
Propeller Shaft
Feedback Scale
High Speed Milling
High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Form Grinding
Vertical Axis Balancing Machine
Precision Center
Graphite High Speed Milling
Automatic Loading And Unloading High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Turbine Balancing
Horizontal Machining Center
Horizontal Universal Balancing Machine
Laser Tube Cutting Machine
Multitasking Machine
Measuring Unit Series
Automatic Load Tube Laser Cutting Machine
ATC Series Multitasking Machine
Double Column Vertical Turning & Boring
Horizontal Boring Machine
2 Turret 2 Spindle Multitasking Machine
CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Twin Spindle Multitasking Machine
Vertical Turning & Boring
Precision Surface Grinding
Horizontal Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center
Double Column Machining Center
5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
5 Axis Double Column Bridge Type Machining Center
Multi Surface Double Column Machining Center
Horizontal Machining Center
Twin Turret Multitasking Machine
Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center
Double Column Machining Center
High Speed Vertical Machining Center
Double Column Machining Center
Wire Cut EDM
Vertical Machining Center
Precision Boring & Milling Machining Center
Floor Type Boring Machine
Ultra Precision Surface Grinding
High-speed Small-hole Drilling EDM
5 Axis Machine
Moving Crossbeam Machining Center
High Speed Milling Center
Rotary Surface Grinding
Nano Machining Center
Small Vertical Machining Center
3D Metal Printer
High Speed Machining Center
Vertical Turning & Boring Machine
Table-Type Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine
Horizontal Machining Center
Bridge Type Machining Center
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+62(21) 3459184, 3447852, 3858901-03
+62(21) 3858904, 381 3552
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