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Where to Buy Nakamura-Tome Multitasking Machine in Indonesia?

First Machinery Trade Co is your trusted solution to buy Nakamura-Tome’s Multitasking Machine

Established in 1960, Nakamura-Tome has developed innovative technologies for precision CNC lathes and machining centers. With this reputation in their belt, Nakamura-Tome is known as a premiere multi-tasking turning center manufacturer, offering over 20 twin spindle machine configurations. Additionally, you can also choose between raw parts to complete parts in one setup.
Some of Nakamura-Tome’s multitasking machines are as follows:
  • NTRX- 300 ATC Machine, a multitasking turning center featuring complete parts machining in one operation, with a built-in load/unload automation system and advanced operator recognition management software.
  • NTJ-100, a multitasking turning center with Twin Spindle, a B-Axis upper Turret and Y-Axis lower Turret. Applications range from low to high volume lots of medical, aerospace, general job shop components and more.  
  • WY-100 Twin Spindle, Twin Turrets equipped with Y-Axis, rigid construction, 48 tools and up to 24 live positions. By offering highly capable features like pinch milling, drilling and turning, as well as unique "off center" interpolative functions that can be performed on both spindles, the opportunity exists to drastically reduce cycle times.
  • NTMX ATC Machine, the world's first Twin ATC Multitasking B-Axis lathe. Easy access and set up approach via two front ATC locations and the ability to change inserts without stopping the machine.
  • NTY3-250  and NTY3, 3 Turret, 3 Y-Axis machines that dramatically outperform single-tool multitasking machines, allowing one-pass, complete turning/machining/finishing and reducing part cycle times.
  • AS-200 LMYS Twin Spindle, Single Turret offers an upgraded long bed with sub spindle. The machine is equipped with a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed, high accuracy C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis.

First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) is a supplier and distributor of CNC machines in Jakarta, our team is experienced in distributing a diverse range of CNC machines in Jakarta, straight from our workshop. We have various CNC brands from Japan, Taiwan, and China such as CNC OKK, CNC Yasda, CNC Toshiba, CNC Sodick, CNC Okamoto, CNC Waida, CNC Equiptop, CNC Nakamura Tome, CNC Magnescale, CNC Chmer, CNC Hartford, and CNC Bodor. First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) only offers machines in top quality and best conditions, therefore you can trust to invest in our machines.
Get internationally-renowed CNC machines straight from the exclusive agent and supplier in Jakarta, all with an affordable pricing.
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Jl. Krekot Dalam Blok I No. 10-11,
Komplek Jaya Molek
Jakarta 10710 - Indonesia
+62(21) 3459184, 3447852, 3858901-03
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+62(21) 3459184, 3447852, 3858901-03
+62(21) 3858904, 381 3552
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