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2020 CNC Machining Industry Trends

All these trends in the CNC machine market are influenced by productivity

Almost to the end of the decade, there are a few drastic changes, trends, and improvements in CNC machining industry. Experts predict that machining services will surpass $5 billion mark by 2020. CNC machine shops are getting more and more sophisticated and competitive to gain any market advantage possible. With numerous technologies getting updated every year, 2020 will bring some big game-changers in the manufacturing industry that will become a norm in upcoming years. From updated technologies to a skilled workforce, every single aspect will be crucial for every manufacturing firm.
With that being said, here are the biggest CNC machining service trends in 2020
The smaller, the better
With the trends of electronic devices in the last few years getting more and more compact, CNC machines also follow suit. And this is not without reason as small equipment size allows CNC machine shops to keep multiple types of equipment that carry out various functions.
And the compact sizes can benefit both small and big industries. Smaller companies can manufacture the product or packaging from their own company and also keeping the quality control in check. For big industries, smaller CNC machines allow them to experiment with the product design with a variety of CNC equipment to maximize production. They also save the trouble of outsourcing small tools essential for their core products.
More axes to Reduce Production Time
 Improvements have been made to machining equipment and hardware, making them both more affordable and capable than ever before. Multi-axis machining centers have now entered the competitive marketplace, enabling shops to use more advanced machine at a lower price. These types of machines can be either dedicated, with rotary axis pre-installed, or upgraded using interchangeable trunnions or rotary tables. Automated tool changers can also come as an upgrade, with an increase in the count of tool holders that allows for more operations with less initial setup.
Skilled personnel are even more valuable than ever
The advancements in technology have reduced the number of personnel required to do one job. There is a huge debate and public outcry that technology is taking away our job.
However, it’s quite far from the actual reality. Indeed, machines have significantly reduced employment in manufacturing itself, there is a significant demand for tech-savvy personnel that can keep up with the latest trends in custom machining and streamlines the manufacturing process.
A skilled and proactive manufacturing expert is the biggest asset to any manufacturing company, and they will become a crucial factor in the company’s growth in 2020. To become a market leader, product companies need to keep themselves updated with the latest manufacturing technology and a person who can use them effectively. 
Automated finishing systems
After metals and woods are cut, resized or modified, it may be necessary to finish their outer layer or surface to achieve a glossy, more polished look.
While some advancements have been made in this space, the processes are still relatively the same as they've always been. Even many new methods still employ a consistent, highly repeatable process. That’s where automation shines, due in part to today’s technologies.
Robotic-powered finishing systems can alter this entire process, revolutionizing the quality and output of the overall industry.
More prominent use of 3D Printing
Finally, the biggest trend of CNC machining services is the increased use of 3D printing. 
3D printing has transformed the manufacturing industry forever. It has simplified and accelerated the initial product designing phase by creating multiple scale models.
Putting your initial product idea into a scale modeling allows you to detect the initial design flaws and rectify them as soon as possible. 
It’s a much better alternative than putting your product design into CNC machines with actual raw materials, which may lead to the wastage of precious raw material and huge operational costs.
Nowadays, 3D printers are available in a variety of industrial and domestic applications. Some 3D printers are used by hobbyists to create replicas of artworks, pop culture figurines, or a real building and infrastructures. Designing and selling 3D printed artifacts has become a common phenomenon in product design enthusiasts.
On the other hand, 3D printing is used in industries to create initial prototypes, scale models for presentations, or to create small joints and fixtures for a finalized product.
And there we have it, a list of 5 CNC machining trends that’ll be a gamechanger in 2020.

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