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Industries Which Use Fiber Laser Cutting

Learn how versatile fiber laser cutting is that they are being utilized in these various industry sectors!

Industries Which Use Fiber Laser Cutting


Fiber laser cutters, as the name suggests, use fiber lasers and fibers to transmit laser energy. What are the advantages of fiber laser cutters? Laser cutting processes typically consume much less power and waste much less material compared to traditional cutting techniques. And the whole laser cutting process is non-contact (increased profits due to lower personal injury risk), no “wear and tear” of moving parts and no material damage due to contact. They are great for so many different applications in varying industry sectors, and we’ve covered these below.



  • Medical industry

One of the most vital sectors in the world, laser-cutting has been a well-established tool in for developing and producing medical devices for decades, with innovative ways invented to create life-changing technologies. Finding processes to keep up with an increasingly intuitive demand and ways to cut down unnecessary costs are crucial. 


In order to make health care as accessible to as many people as possible, laser-related processes are used to produce surgical instruments, endoscopes, vascular clamps, needles, dental implants, and more.



  • Automotive

The automotive industry is huge, high-demand, and developing every second. With everyday advancement in technology and design, factors such as production demands, efficiency, and high level of safety are all crucial. Fiber laser cutting offers a lot of benefits such as fast batch processing for manufacturing (e.g. car doors), 3D shapes with great accuracy to form metal parts, and also cutting smaller and complicated components that make up an automobile. 



  • Jewelry

Laser cutting become the number one choice for jewelry cutting thanks to its high power levels and precise cutting properties. Fiber laser cutting system is capable to cut within complex patterns and also cut through a wide variety of metals and stones. And moreover, thanks to Metal Additive Manufacturing, jewelry designers now have more creative room than ever before, unconstrained by rigorous traditional cutting methods.


  • Electronics

Gone are the days where computers are the size of rooms, and as the world has become increasingly digital, there is the ever-increasing need to develop electronic parts and products. With the increase in consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and TV, tech industry is always on the research and development. This leads to parts getting smaller, products getting produced faster, with ways of increasing efficiency and power while being more cost-effective. 



  • Textile

Laser cutting has been growing in popularity over the two decades because of their precise accuracy, clean cuts, and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying. Electric cutting machines have the tools come in contact with the fabric, which will be fine if the blades stay sharp. If the blades become dull, they might damage or distort the fabric. Laser cutting makes the process more efficient because the beams of light replaced blades. Moreover, through a vast variety of fabric such as lace, silk, felt, nylon, and more.



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