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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Machine

The advantages and why you should use waterjet cutting machines

Waterjet cutting machine is a machine used in various industrial sectors capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. These machines inherent cold cutting quality (without heat) by spraying the very-high pressured water to the materials surface.
Below are the five advantages of cutting with waterjet machine, in five simple points:
  1. No material limitation
Waterjet cutting is a flexible process, this machine is able to cut many variations of material: composite material, plastic, various types of iron, glass, stone, ceramics, rubber, even titanium and Hastelloy. With the addition of abrasive materials (such as garnet), waterjet machines are capable of cutting material up to 200mm thick.
  1. No Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ)
The big advantage of waterjet cutting is that there is no heat affected zone (HAZ) that can occur due to its cold cutting properties. Not only does cold cutting allow for precise cuts, but also for the safety of the operator by protecting the operator from burn injuries. 
  1. Little to no trace of material distortion in the materials
With cold temperatures, exposure to heat does not occur in cut material. This process is very important in materials such as iron, which leads to precise cuts without any internal changes in the material. The result is precision cuts and without burr in the materials.
  1. Additional finishing process is not necessary 
Precise results from the waterjet cutting process makes the cut material not necessary to undergo additional retouching/ finishing touches. This process definitely reduce the time needed in production stage, leading to work efficiency.
  1. No harmful residue to the environment 
Concern for natural conditions and environmental pollution is one of global focuses in various industrial sectors. The significant advantage of cutting with a waterjet machine is that there is no pollution waste created in the forms of gas or smoke.
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