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Internet of Things (IoT) Meets CNC Machining

The Internet of Things is shaking many aspects of the world’s economy.  Here’s what to know about how it will shape CNC machinery.

The rising usage of automation in the food and agriculture industries is inevitable and already happening, with the workers in this industries need not to worry about their jobs being taken away by automation. One of the goals of IoT is more about removing human effort -plus potential bodily injury- from the equation. Workplace accidents have always been a huge concern in the manufacturing industry. The most common types of workplace injuries are sprains and strains, followed by cuts and punctures. Since CNC machines tend to employ drills, routers, mills and grinders, this negative nature of the jobs will change with the additions of more smart and automated, collaborative machines. 
What is the deal with IoT in the manufacturing sector?
Internet of Things (IoT) in general and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication in particular enables physical objects with the help of embedded information and communication technology, to communicate over a network without requiring human intervention. It is the convergence of wireless technologies, electromechanical systems and the Internet. Optimal design and implementation of the same has the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing sector in general and the shop floor in particular. The impact of IoT can benefit various areas of manufacturing value chain ranging from quality, safety and efficiency to new product development and innovation.
The IoT utilizes familiar devices such as smartphones and tablets to interact with CNC machines conveniently.
Teams at robotics labs across the world are working toward a future where connected collaborative robots (or “cobots”) perform a lot of the work that would otherwise fall to human workers. With CNC machines tend to employ heavy machines, safely-boosting cobots could prove to be one of the most popular types of IIoT deployments in the coming years.
How IoT Improves CNC Operations
Better quality: 
IoT takes the quality game to the next level. Thanks to M2M communication, the quality control will notify us when a tool is starting to get worn in 
Improved safety: 
IoT-based monitoring can ensure that the shop floor environment, devices and individuals in the shop floor are always in optimally safe condition. With added parameters to the system, settings can be optimised further to account for threats in real-time and from external factors.
Cost & Efficiency Management to the next level:
Thanks to M2M communication, updates from design to shop floor and finally to the market will be faster. Inventory and supply chain management is now tied real time to the factory with changes in schedules now reflecting in hours instead of days. This is mainly thanks to the tracking activity having shifted from paper to mainframes to managers’ mobile phones today.
In a nutshell, IoT and M2M enables you to say goodbye to production and/or market share loss due to shop floor inefficiencies (like misplaced tools or parts), untraceable inventory, slow changes in supply chain management and slow decision making due to tech barriers.

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