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How Is CNC Machining Changing the Manufacturing Industry?

CNC Machining Introduced a faster and more efficient manufacturing method. Automotive production and rapid, precise prototyping are two advantages of CNC Machining.

A CNC machine has several advantages over manual manufacturing. A CNC machine can operate continuously. The machine can continue to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with only occasional maintenance. The consistency and accuracy of the finished product are more exact. A CNC machine uses computer programs to assure consistency and accuracy beyond a human's capability. A machine is able to rapidly produce the exact same manufactured product hundreds of times. There is less risk for accidents when a computer operates a machine versus a human.
CNC machining has a long history, and currently it’s one of the most transformative technologies in manufacturing: the functions applicable to many sectors such as astronomy, health, automotive, and many more. The technology is often used for prototyping and further production of custom machined parts.
How are these machines enhancing manufacturing?
  1. Convenienve
CNC machines eliminate many work, hence saving time and make production processes more efficient. The digitized manufacturing also helps to reduce human error and can operate anytime.
2. Prototype Machining
This aspect is very beneficial because CNC machining makes prototyping processes more affordable and easier to attain. Prototyping is important to avoid mistakes later on in the production process, and to understand the product better. This new technology navigates through manufacturing and allows developing more comprehensive designs.
3 Sustainability
CNC technology doesn’t require much of additional materials, thereforw doesn’t leave as much waste. And the machines don’t need many additional parts (such as separate drills), because the parts are incorporated with the main body.
4 Fewer processes
With computers and software as the main parts of monitoring CNC machines, manual work is not necessary. They also didn’t need any additional tools and machines.
With CNC machines, you too can accelerate your business operations and workforce performance. Bring your manufacturing processes to the next level with CNC machining.

Kami memiliki sejumlah brand mesin CNC dari Jepang, Taiwan dan Cina seperti CNC OKK, CNC Yasda, CNC Toshiba, CNC Sodick, CNC Okamoto, CNC Waida, CNC Equiptop, CNC Nakamura Tome, CNC Magnescale, CNC Chmer, CNC Hartford, dan CNC Bodor. First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) hanya menawarkan mesin dengan kualitas dan kondisi yang terbaik, sehingga Anda dapat merasa yakin terhadap investasi Anda.
First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) adalah supplier dan distributor mesin CNC di Jakarta, tim kami sudah berpengalaman dalam mendistribusikan berbagai mesin CNC di Jakarta, langsung dari workshop kami.
Dapatkan mesin CNC bermerek internasional langsung dari agen dan supplier eksklusif di Jakarta dengan harga yang bersaing.
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+62(21) 3459184, 3447852, 3858901-03
+62(21) 3858904, 381 3552
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