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Common Misconceptions of CNC Machining Production

In this post, we are going to use the opportunity to clear up some of the most common CNC machinery myths.

Myth no.1 : Only large companies can benefit from CNC machinery.
Small businesses can improve their performance through reliable machinery. In reality, you can buy a quality CNC machine at a heavily discounted price, especially if you buy a new or refurbished machine.
Myth no.2: Anybody can run a CNC machine easily.
While there are applications that have been engineered so that a person with minimal training can operate a CNC machine, these are quite the minority. A CNC operator must perform many tasks that require knowledge and skill.
Common operator tasks include workpiece loading and unloading, cycle activation, cycle monitoring, workpiece measurement, acceptability evaluation, statistical process control reporting, sizing (offset) adjustments, dull-tool recognition and replacement. The more we expect operators to do, the more they must know—and the more training we must provide. 
Myth no.3: CNC machines take human jobs.
With CNC machinery in general and the rise of Industry 4.0 (which focuses on digitization and automation) it is easy to fall into this mindset. However, the machines do require experienced workers who can efficiently manage their workings. The machines themselves are there to cut down on the costs spent on extra man power and to ease the workload on man power to complete industry-standard operations.
Myth no.4: CNC machines don’t need to be inspected regularly.
Replacing tools when necessary can save you the expense of purchasing a new machine that may cost you thousands of dollars. Industry experts can check their working and tools to make sure they work for long.
Myth no.5: CNC machines are automatic and can complete the tasks with a button push.
These machines need human intervention and supervision to manage its operations. Back-end programming is also essential to define the steps.
Myth no.6: A task can be repeated without errors.
Once a task is completed successfully, it is often considered that it can be repeated without errors. However, the operations are dependent upon various factors including materials, environment and the skills of machine operator.
Myth no.7: All Tasks Take Same Amount of Time.
A task can take varying amount of time for completion, unless all other factors are consistent. However, the life of tools, experience of workers and programming code greatly affect the speed.
First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) adalah supplier dan distributor mesin CNC di Jakarta, tim kami sudah berpengalaman dalam mendistribusikan berbagai mesin CNC di Jakarta, langsung dari workshop kami.
Kami memiliki sejumlah brand mesin CNC dari Jepang, Taiwan dan Cina seperti CNC OKK, CNC Yasda, CNC Toshiba, CNC Sodick, CNC Okamoto, CNC Waida, CNC Equiptop, CNC Nakamura Tome, CNC Magnescale, CNC Chmer, CNC Hartford, dan CNC Bodor. First Machinery Trade Co (FMTC) hanya menawarkan mesin dengan kualitas dan kondisi yang terbaik, sehingga anda dapat merasa yakin terhadap investasi anda.
Dapatkan mesin CNC bermerek internasional langsung dari agen dan supplier eksklusif di Jakarta dengan harga yang terjangkau.
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+62(21) 3459184, 3447852, 3858901-03
+62(21) 3858904, 381 3552
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